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Zhu Ling

Latin names: Polyporus umbellatus, Dendropolyporus umbellatus, Grifola umbellata
Common name synonyms: Chinese Sclerotium, Chorei, Chorei-maitake, Choreimaitake, Chu Ling, Tsuchi-maitake, Umbrella Polypore

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Zhu Ling
Zhu Ling Mushroom
sells widely through Chinese apothecaries in the form of thin slivers.  It's traditionally used as a potent antibiotic and anti-tumor remedy, as well as a diuretic and to treat urinary tract infections.

One modern study showed that Zhu Ling extract appears to balance urine production by increasing low urinary output and decreasing it if it's too high. 301

A pragmatic suggestion for the use of Zhu Ling extract is to give it to patients waiting to give a urine sample to decrease the wait time. 300

Growing below ground on decaying roots and other wood debris, this mushroom can remain in wet soil for over a year without rotting - a testament to its powerful antimicrobial properties.

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In confirmation of its use in Traditional Chinese Health for urogenital infections, one study showed Zhu Ling having an inhibitory effect on Chlamydia trachomatis. 302

Some of the most promising modern research on Zhu Ling has been on its effect against parasites, for the treatment of Hepatitis B, to boost the immune system, 303, 304 and for the treatment of certain cancers 305, 306, 307, 308 including liver cancer, 309 bladder cancer and leukemia 310, 311 - in particular to help the immune system rebound 312 and to prevent the recurrence of cancer after chemotherapy and radiation.  Two studies from 1991 and 1994 showed 68% and 50% reduction rates of cancer recurrence when Zhu Ling was administered after the conclusion of conventional cancer treatments. 313, 314

Two parasites that have responded well to treatment with Zhu Ling extract are Plasmodium falciparum (malaria) and Brucella spp. (brucellosis).  Lab exposure of the malaria parasite to Zhu Ling extract proved 100% effective. 310  We don't as of yet have any report from a study on live patients with malaria.

In the case of brucellosis, Zhu Ling extract helped reverse the suppression of the immune system, which is part of this debilitating disease. 315, 316

Another use of Zhu Ling in Traditional Chinese Health is for the treatment of hepatitis B.  Several studies have confirmed that Zhu Ling has an effect in the treatment of hepatitis B. 317,318  However, Liu in 2001 concluded that the effect is not strong enough to be able to rely exclusively on Zhu Ling for the treatment of hepatitis B, although it can be used effectively in combination with other forms of treatment. 319, 320  Zhu Ling also demonstrates a protective effect in cases of toxic hepatitis. 321

A recent study conducted in 2008 showed Zhu Ling extract exhibiting potent anti-inflammatory properties. 322

In his book "Mycelium Running," health mushroom expert Paul Stamets also lists the following areas where research has shown Zhu Ling extract to have a beneficial effect: Viruses; Liver Conditions; Lung & Respiratory Conditions; Liver Cancer. 134


Known active compounds:




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