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Common name synonyms: Black Forest Mushroom, Black Mushroom, Chinese Mushroom, Donku, Golden Oak Mushroom, Oak Wood Mushroom, Pasania, Shiang Ku, Shaingu-gu, Xiang Gu
Latin synonyms: Agaricus edodes, Armillaria edodes, Collybia edodes, Lentinula edodes, Lentinus edodes, Lepiota edodes, Pleurotus edodes

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In America and Europe, the everyday "food mushroom" is the common button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), commercially cultivated in France since the 1600's.  In the Far East, however, the likewise centuries old cultivation of gourmet mushrooms has been primarily focused on an entirely different species - the Shiitake.  Only in the last few decades has Shiitake become a common household name in the West.

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Also known as Chinese Mushroom or Black Mushroom, wild Shiitake is a strictly Asian species.  It derives its name from one of its hosts, the Shii Tree, but can also be found growing on Asian oaks and beeches.  Cultivating Shiitake is a tradition that stretches back approximately 1000 years in China.

What is less known in the west is that in the form of Shiitake extract, this is also the most studied health supporting mushroom of the Orient.  The primary focus of this research has been on the anti-viral 93 and anti-tumoral 94 properties.

The benefit of Shiitake extract over capsules or the whole mushroom is that with an extract it is possible to get many valuable active health promoting compounds out of the mycelium - compounds that don't exist in the fruiting body or that may be in much higher concentration in the mycelium.  (This is why we offer only extract, not capsules.)

The foremost of which is known as LEM, a protein extract from Lentinula Edodes Mycelia.  LEM has been shown to have powerful immune boosting properties, 95, 96, 97 particularly anti-bacterial. 98,99  LEM has also been found to exhibit anti-cancer properties. 100  One study found it to kill melanoma cells while causing no harm to healthy cells. 101

Another active compound of Shiitake extract that has been much studied is Lentinan - a protein-free polysaccharide - so named after Lentinula, the Latin genus name for Shiitake.  Lentinan does not directly kill tumors but has been shown to stimulate the tumor fighting mechanisms in the body of test subjects, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 and is in fact in use in Asia as an injected cancer medication.

Arabinoxylanes of Shiitake extract derived from rice cultivated mycelium have been shown to have powerful anti-viral properties. 111, 112, 113

In particular, type 1 herpes simplex virus 114 and HIV 115, 116, 117 have been shown to respond to Shiitake extracts in clinical trials, although one study found that Lentinan by itself - isolated from the other active compounds of Shiitake - had no noticeable effect on HIV replication. 25

Furthermore, other studies have shown that Shiitake extract may be beneficial in the treatment of Candida, 118 chronic fatigue syndrome, 119 and to prevent septic shock. 120

In his book "Mycelium Running," health mushroom expert Paul Stamets also lists the following areas where research has shown Shiitake extract to have a beneficial effect: Blood Pressure; Blood Sugar; Cholesterol; Kidney Tonic; Liver Tonic; Sexual Potentiator; Stress; Breast Cancer; Liver Cancer; Prostate Cancer. 134

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Known active compounds:

Alpha-Mannan Peptide
Provitamin D2
RNA fractions

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