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Mushrooms vs. Candida

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Mushrooms vs.
                          Candida I can't tell you how many times during my sixteen years in the natural health field I've heard other practitioners, as well as lay people, say that if you have Candida, you should not eat mushrooms.  The reasoning being that one fungus promotes the growth of others, and to do an anti-Candida diet required the exclusion of all of mushrooms, molds and fungi from the diet.  To me, that always made about as much sense as saying that if you have a staph infection, you need to kill all your intestinal flora because your intestinal bacteria would promote the growth of the staph bacteria.

You have to admit, that sounds ridiculous.  And in fact, you know that the opposite is true.  A healthy intestinal bacterial flora will strengthen your immune system and help you fight the staph infection.

Even so, when it comes to fungi, it seems that 95% of all natural health practitioners preach and believe that we should not eat mushrooms or fungi if we have Candida.  I knew it could not be so.  It made no sense.  Yet I kept hearing it so repeatedly that even against my better judgment, I began to almost believe it.  So it was with tremendous satisfaction I finally discovered the material and research gathered by Paul Stamets, which show the many health benefits of mushrooms, including the information that many of them help to fight Candida, not promote it.

Thank you, Paul!  Thank you!


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