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Latin name: Grifola frondosa
*Synonyms: Cloud Ear Mushroom, Cloud Mushroom, Dancing butterfly mushroom, Dancing Mushroom, Griffron, Grifon, Grifron, Hen of the woods mushroom, Hui Shu Hua, Kumotake, Mushikusa, Polypilus frondosus, Polyporus frondosus, Sheep's Head Mushroom

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A culinary delicacy as well as an important health supporting mushroom in traditional Chinese health, Maitake currently receives much attention from scientific circles. Specific focus is awarded to Maitake beta-glucans, which are major components in all Maitake supplements. 71, 72
(Note: Maitake beta-glucans used to be referred to as Maitake D-fraction®, a term which has now been trademarked by Maitake Corporation of Parasmus, even though the term was previously in common use.)

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The common English name for Maitake is Hen-of-the-woods, due to its occasional resemblance to the fluffed up tail feathers of a hen.  It is one of the most easily recognizable edible mushrooms in North America, though it is only to be found in eastern Canada and U.S. down to the mid-Atlantic states.

Research has found Maitake supplements to increase tumor necrosis factor 73, 74, 75 and demonstrate other anti-tumor properties 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81.  Specific focus in these studies has been given to breast, prostate, lung, liver and colorectal cancer. 82  In fact, a Phase II study of Maitake on breast and prostate cancer was approved by the FDA. 83

Other studies on Maitake supplements have focused on its immune enhancing properties in general, 84, 85, 86 or on cancer patients in specific. 87  Maitake's anti-viral properties have received particularly intense scrutiny by the scientific community 88 and research on Maitake in the treatment of HIV is ongoing. 89

Of further interest is the well demonstrated blood sugar lowering effect of Maitake supplement.  One study on insulin-resistant mice found blood glucose drops of 25% average. 90, 91, 92

Apart from research conducted specifically on Maitake supplements, there's also a sea of research done on the active compounds themselves, most importantly the beta-glucans.  For example, there is a patent 93 on "Methods of using beta glucan as a radioprotective agent."  More specifically, the patent "relates to methods for treating and preventing radiation and/or chemotherapy related injury and/or afflictions, such as myelosuppression and decreased macrophage activity."  Which is also why NASA gives beta glucans to astronauts, for the prevention of radiation poisoning and the degradation of the immune system.

Additional therapeutic properties of Maitake supplements as indicated by scientific research include: anti-bacterial, anti-candida, moderating blood pressure, respiratory conditions, nerve tonic, and stress reducer. 25

In his book "Mycelium Running," health supporting mushroom expert Paul Stamets also lists Maitake Supplements to have a beneficial effect on Leukemia, according to research. 134


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Known active compounds:

   1--6 beta-glucan (Grifolan)
   1--4 beta-D-glucans
   1--3 beta-D-glucans
   Acidic beta-glucans
   Hetero beta-glucans
N-acetylgalactosamine-specific lecithin ("GFL")

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