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Hemlock Varnish Shelf Extract

Exceptional Value for Premium Quality Supplement with Hemlock Varnish Shelf!
G5 Tincture 2 oz: DISCONTINUED

Common Name Synonym: Hemlock Reishi, Sung Shan Ling Chih

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Hemlock Varnish
                        Shelf Extract
Wild Hemlock Varnish Shelf from the mountains of western North Carolina.
Hemlock Varnish Shelf (Ganoderma tsugae) is the local variety of Reishi for eastern United States.  It is common on Hemlock trees throughout the Appalachian range.

Much of the therapeutic benefits are the same as those of the Common Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), which is the oldest used health  supporting mushroom in Traditional Chinese Health with a 2,000 year history.

Hemlock Varnish Shelf is not limited to the U.S., though, and plenty of Asian research has been conducted specifically on this species of Reishi.

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Commercially cultivated in Taiwan and exported to mainland China as a health supporting mushroom, Hemlock Reishi has traditionally been used in Chinese health to treat inflammatory diseases, particularly asthma and autoimmune conditions.

The single study conducted on Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract to treat an autoimmune disease, conducted in 2001, concluded that it "improved the survival rate of lupus." 800

In cases of asthma or lung inflammation, there have been three studies confirming the effectiveness of Hemlock Varnish Shelf.  It's been found to "exert anti-inflammatory effects on airway responses" 801 in cases of allergic asthma and broncheoalveolar inflammation. 802, 803

One of the most novel uses of Hemlock Varnish Shelf is as a skin substitute during wound healing.  The skin substitute material, commercially sold as Sacchachitin, has been proven in numerous studies to promote and speed up skin healing.  It has been observed that "rapid wound healing" takes place when covered by Sacchachitin as compared to regular gauze. 804  A "wound area covered by SACCHACHITIN completely healed by 21 days, while that covered with cotton gauze did not." 805, 806, 807

Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract has also been tested for its antitumor properties with promising results. 808, 809, 810, 811, 812  In particular lung cancer 813, 814, 815 and breast cancer 816 have responded favorably in scientific research.  It was also shown in one study to help prevent cancer metastasis. 817

As with the Common Reishi, Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract appears to be immunomodulatory 817, 818, 819, 820, 821, 822, 823 - meaning that it will adjust the immune system up or down depending on what is needed.  It helps strengthen a weak immune system, 824 but will calm an over-active immune system in cases of inflammation 825 or autoimmune conditions.

One study conducted in 2004 found Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract to posses liver protective properties and be anti-fibrotic. 826

It also appears quite clear that Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract contains an abundance of antioxidants. 827, 828, 829, 830  A study from 1999 found Hemlock Varnish Shelf extract to possess "the strongest antioxidant activity of five species of Ganoderma tested," stronger than Vitamin E. 831


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Hemlock Varnish Shelf Extract in a Synergistic Blend with Other Powerful Health Supporting Mushrooms

Note: World leading mushroom expert Paul Stamets - who creates our formulations - considers the complementary combined effect of these five species of Ganoderma to be more potent and powerful than using any one of them individually.

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                        Five Ganoderma Formula™ Extract 2 oz DISCONTINUED
G5: Five Ganoderma Formula™ Extract Certified Organic, 2 oz
Ingredients: Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), G. applanatum (Artist Conk), G. neo-japonicum, G. oregonense (Oregon Polypore), G. tsugae (Hemlock Varnish Shelf), alcohol.
Five Ganoderma species known to fortify immune system while being anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic.
Suggested use: 2 droppers/day. 60-70 droppers/bottle. 1 dropper contains equivalent of
500 mg of mushroom.
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