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Siberian chaga mushroom grows as a 'black mass' on Birch.
Siberian chaga mushroom extract is experiencing an explosion in popularity in North America due, perhaps, to the growing number of people with a Russian background.

Russia, and in particular Siberia, is where Chaga mushroom extract has historically experienced its greatest popularity.

In fact, it was approved in Russia as a cancer drug already in 1955, successfully used to treat cancers of the stomach, lungs, breasts and cervix. 122

When choosing a brand of Siberian chaga mushroom extract, it's prudent to pick one that has been prepared with knowledge and expertise about health supporting mushrooms and how to properly prepare them and effectively extract the health supporting compounds so that they are fully available to the human body.

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As an independent discount retailer, we could have picked any brand of Chaga Mushroom Extract to sell and market.  We picked the Fungi Perfecti brand, which is expertly prepared by world leading health supporting mushroom expert Paul Stamets.   We are convinced that it is the best and most potent Siberian chaga mushroom extract on the market.

Fungi Perfecti Health Supporting Mushrooms Extracts - Better for You

Certified Organic

Most potent original strains - hand-picked by world leading mushroom expert Paul Stamets

Purest growing conditions - uncontaminated by other fungi, bacteria or heavy metals

Expert cultivation and extraction - cutting edge mycological expertise in the cultivation and extraction of our health supporting mushrooms guarantees highest concentration and availability of active compounds

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Click the following link to see chart for additional therapeutic properties of Chaga Extract.


Known active compounds of Chaga Mushroom Extract:

Betulin flanosterols
Inositols (B vitamins)
Lanostanoid triterpenoids
Protein-bound Polysaccharides

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