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Latin name: Inonotus obliquus  /  Latin synonyms: Polyporus obliquus, Poria oblique

*Common name synonyms: Black Mass Conk, Charga, Cinder Conk, Clinker Fungus, Clinker Polypore, Kabanoanatake, Siberian Chaga, Tschaga, Tschagapilz

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                        Extract (Siberian Chaga)
Siberian chaga grows as a 'black mass' on Birch.

Siberian chaga grows as a black cankerous mass on birch, dead or living.  It may rarely be found on beech, elm, ash or hornbeam as well.

Eurasians have used it for centuries to treat tuberculosis, digestion, and cancers of the heart and liver. 121

The black "skin" was removed and the lighter inside boiled as tea.  Being such a compact natural health support made it a valuable, portable remedy for healers of old.

Today's scientific focus on Siberian Chaga extract is primarily as an anti-tumor remedy.  In fact, it was approved in Russia as a cancer drug already in 1955, successfully used to treat cancers of the stomach, lungs, breasts and cervix. 122

A modern study conducted in 1998 showed that Chaga extract does indeed inhibit the growth of cervical cancer cells under laboratory conditions. 123  Another study from the mid-90's found the active compound betulin to cause growth inhibition and death of melanoma cells, also in a lab. 124, 25

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Additional research has shown cancer cell division to be decreased by some of the active compounds of the Siberian chaga mushroom. 125, 126

Betulin is a health supporting active compound from the birch tree that gets concentrated in the black outer skin of the chaga mushroom, which has been found to contain 30% betulin. 127  Whereas the inside of the Chaga mushroom contains fungal lanostenes.  It would therefore be suggested that Chaga tea is better made from the whole mushroom, including the black skin.

The best Siberian chaga extracts, including ours, are made not only from the whole mushroom fruit body but also the mycelia, which contains more health supporting active protein compounds than the fruit body.

Other researchers have found chaga extract to be potently anti-viral.  Two studies in 1996 found it to have an inhibitory effect on both influenza 127 and HIV. 128  Perhaps it does so by helping to stimulate the body's natural immune functions, something that was first confirmed in 2002 and then again in 2005, 25, 129 and which may also help explain the historical use of Siberian chaga mushroom as an anti-inflammatory. 130

Furthermore, alcohol extract of chaga mushroom has been found to lower blood sugar levels. 131  Chaga also demonstrates significant antioxidant properties that help protect the genetic integrity of the cells. 132, 133

As an interesting anecdote that does not relate to human health but demonstrates the curative power of the chaga mushroom, Paul Stamets mentions a Quebec arborist who uses a Chaga poultice to cure chestnut blight.  It not only cures the infection but the tree even becomes blight resistant after treatment. 134

In his book "Mycelium Running," Stamets also lists the following areas where research has shown Siberian chaga extract to have a beneficial effect: Bacteria; Liver Conditions; Uterine Cancer. 134


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Known active compounds:

Betulin flanosterols
Inositols (B vitamins)
Lanostanoid triterpenoids
Protein-bound Polysaccharides

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