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Latin synonyms: Agaricum officinalis, Fomes laricis, Fomes officinalis, Fomitopsis officinalis, Laricifomes officinalis
Common name synonyms: Adagan, Brown Trunk Rot, Eburiko, Larch Bracket Mushroom, Quinine Conk, Quinine Fungus, Tak'a di

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Agarikon, Paul Stamets
Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis) is one of the largest and longest living mushrooms in the world, some known to be as old as 50 years.  This needs to be seen in perspective of the fact that Agarikon starts out growing on already mature trees.  It requires old growth forests to survive.

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Historical records indicate that Agarikon may have been the most important health supporting mushroom of ancient Europe. The earliest preserved record dates to 65 B.C., when it was listed by Greek physician Dioscorides in Materia Medica as a remedy for tuberculosis. 25

It may be a species of a bygone era.  Agarikon is practically extinct in Europe. 146  Most remaining Agarikon mushrooms are now found in the moist old growth rain forests of western North America.  Fortunately, it can be cultivated, so there is no immediate risk of losing the genetic material.

There is little modern research on the health supporting use of Agarikon extract but traditional use of this health supporting mushroom included tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and pneumonia (Bacillus pneumoniae and others).  It's also been used topically as a poultice to relieve muscle and skeletal pain.

Congruent with this is a report from Poland, listing the historical uses of Agarikon extract to have included lung conditions (coughing, asthma) and rheumatoid arthritis, but also infected wounds and open bleeding.  It is said to have been considered an elixir for long life. 147

In North America, it is believed that Agarikon extract was used by Native Americans as protection from smallpox and other diseases brought over by the Europeans.  But there is no definite written record of this information.  The Haida Native American mythological tradition also retains a connection between Agarikon and the female creator spirit Raven, and with female sexuality.

Two mentions in modern scientific literature include Agarikon extract with other mushrooms that elicit a strong immune enhancing effect in subjects. 148, 149

Finally, it should be noted that in spite of its common name synonyms "Quinine Fungus" or "Quinine Conk," Agarikon does not contain the compound quinine and is not effective in the use against malaria.


Known active compounds of Agarikon extract:

Beta glucans
Extracellular antibiotics


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