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Integrated Kabbalistic Healing
with Davida Sara

Asheville, North Carolina


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Integrated Kabbalistic Healing
Davida Sara

Contact Davida Sara, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing in person or by telephone.
Weaverville, NC.

“Whatever you yearn for exists within you in divine perfection. Integrated Kabbalistic Healing cleaves to the divine blueprint already present within.”

Davida Sara is an exceptional spiritual counselor and intuitive healer with over 35 years experience of facilitating the reconnection of areas of disconnect.

The Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical path of cleaving to God and knowing reality.

“To be in matter and to be [in Oneness] is no easy thing. It is like breathing in and out at the same time.” (From Kabbalistic Healing, Jason Shulman)

Can you experience basic human emotions and divine joy simultaneously? Like breathing in and out at the same time?

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing establishes ongoing connections with your divine inner blueprints - your foundation being made available.”


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·          Physical Chronic & Acute Illnesses

·          Relationships / Connecting with Self / Others / Spirit / Beauty / Joy

·          Stress

·          Depression / Hopelessness

·          Loss / Grief

·          Boundaries – Feeling Controlled

·          Fear-Anxiety-Anger-Shame

·          Addictions

·          Identity / Who Am I? / Why Am I Here?

·          Life Direction / Lost

·          Crisis / Chaos

·          Being Present / Grounded

·          Being Honest / Real with Self / Others

·          Abuse

·          Unworthiness / Low Self-esteem

·          Autism

·          ADD

·          Bi-Polar Disorder


Contact Davida Sara for sessions in person or by telephone (long-distance healing).
$85.00/Session (1-1½ hrs)
Ph. 1-877-349-7281, Weaverville, NC
To order online, click here: Integrated Kabbalistic Healing.




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